What is Artificial Intelligence? (AIE01)
Artificial Intelligence Essentials
What is Artificial Intelligence? (AIE01)
Lots of us have home assistants in our homes nowadays. They’re very clever. You can get recipes, play music, control your lights, and so much more with just a simple voice command. But home assistants are just 1 example of an amazing...
What is Machine Learning? (AIE02)
Artificial Intelligence Essentials
What is Machine Learning? (AIE02)
Smartphones are all the rage – it seems like everyone has one nowadays. But have you ever wondered how smartphones are the way they are? Like, how are they so intuitive, how each application works, and how they know what word we want when...
Deep Reinforcement Learning (AIE03)
Artificial Intelligence Essentials
Deep Reinforcement Learning (AIE03)
Ever wonder how those smart speakers understand you when you talk to them as if they’re people? That’s all thanks to deep reinforcement learning. Gone are the days when you ask your home assistant to turn on the kitchen light to find out...
Harnessing the Power of AI (AIE04)
Artificial Intelligence Essentials
Harnessing the Power of AI (AIE04)
Smart technology is great. Even seemingly basic appliances can be improved with a bit of artificial intelligence. Like your fridge. Gone are the days where you have to open the door to see if you’re running low on milk. Now your fridge can tell...
Ethics and Artificial Intelligence (AIE05)
Artificial Intelligence Essentials
Ethics and Artificial Intelligence (AIE05)
Smart technology for the home and workplace are becoming more and more popular. It just makes our lives so much easier. All you have to do is give a command or press a button and they do the work. For example, you can install an app on your phone...
What is Adaptive Leadership? (AL001)
Adaptive Leadership
What is Adaptive Leadership? (AL001)
Today’s world is complex. Rapid technological advances mean the world is always changing. That leads to businesses also being in a constant state of change so they can keep up. It’s not enough to be a leader anymore. Now, it’s important to...
Using Authority and Power (Taking Chances) (AL002)
Adaptive Leadership
Using Authority and Power (Taking Chances) (AL002)
Leadership isn’t about being in a position of authority. It’s about how well you can influence other people and mobilize them for your cause. Anyone can be a leader. Adaptive leaders encourage leadership among their employees so everyone can...
Overcoming Resistance to Shared Responsibility (AL003)
Adaptive Leadership
Overcoming Resistance to Shared Responsibility (AL003)
People often resist change because they don’t see any problems with the way their organization works and don’t feel responsible for its success or failure. Different groups of people have different values, loyalties, and ways of interpreting...
Learning through Self-Correction (AL004)
Adaptive Leadership
Learning through Self-Correction (AL004)
Adaptive leaders encourage experimentation, reflection, and self-correction. Even if an experiment fails, something valuable can be learned from it. That’s why it’s important for everyone to have the opportunity to reflect on an...
Building a Culture of Adaptability (AL005)
Adaptive Leadership
Building a Culture of Adaptability (AL005)
If you want your organization to be able to deal with an ongoing flow of adaptive challenges, you’ll need to build a culture of adaptability. This is a long-term process rather than something that can be achieved quickly. Once the organization...

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